1. The boring unit is driven by a 3HP motor.
2. One 5-spindles boring head is standard equipment. Other types of boring head are available upon request.
3. The boring unit moves on high precision liner guide ways for smooth trowel and high linear accuracy.
4. Boring head stroke is adjustable.

1. The moulding units consists of two spindles, which run in opposite directions to avoid workpiece tearing duringmoulding operation.

2. One spindle is fixed, while the other spindle can be adjusted in height position.
3. The moulding unit is equipped with a see-thru guard to prevent chips from splashing.


1. The machine eniploys two speed regulator knobs to adjust the table feed forward and backward speeds. Permitting workpiece contacting cutter smoothly.
2. Variable feed speed makes the machine ideal for cutting hard and soft wood.
3. The moulding units consists of two spindles.
4. One spindle is fixed, while the other one can be adjusted in height position.
5. The moulding unit is wquipped with a seethru guard to prevent chips from splashing.


Centralized control panel
1. All motion controls of the machine are completely centralized on a control panel, providing operational convenience for operator.
Electronic parts meet European standards
1. The control circuit in the electric cabinet consists of French TE brand electronic components, meeting European standards.
2. The high performance control circuit assure sensitive and stable motion controls at all times.


Miter gauge
1. The table is equipped with a miter gauge with angle setting 0 ~ 45 degree right and left, making the machine suitable for bevel molding operations.
2. The tabele is equipped with a 45 degree miter fence, allowing for cutting, boring, and moulding operation. Right and left 45 degree angular tenons can be accomplished at one time ( SK-TF-2 only )
Air clamp
1. The workpiece is clamped by air cylinder for convenient and fart clamping and unclamping.


  • The table support is fitted with oilless bushings.
  • Table tilts 30 degree front downward.
  • Entire motions are actuated by air/hydraulic
  • Table surface is equipped with a miter guage for bevel moulding.
  • Combine three functions in one, cutting, moulding, and boring.
  • Foot switch controls motion cycle.
  • The machine employs a PLC control for easy operation and smooth motion sequence.
  • SK-TF-1: Single side moulding
  • SK-TF-2: Right and left tenons are accomplished at one time.
  • SK-TF-2: Especially ideal for produceing tenons for door frame, picture frame, table top frame, and cabinet frame, etc. Also, ideal for producing 45 degree angular tenons.
Cutting unit   Spindle motor(1)
Blade size
450 mm (17-3/4")
Spindle speed
3000 rpm
Boring unit    Spindle motor(1)

17 / 22 mm ( 11/16" / 7/8" )

(5-spindles boring head)

34mm ( 1-11/32" )

(4-spindles boring head)

Spindle speed
3000 rpm
Depth adjustment
70 mm ( 2-3/4" )
Moulding   Spindle motor(2)
Spindle diameter (2)
30 mm( 1-3/16" )
Spindle speed
8000 rpm/min

Machine dimensions

63" X 63" X 55"
80" X 64" X 51"

Packing size

76" X 68" X 60"
81" X 68" X 59"
Net / Gross weight

2,420 lbs / 2640 lbs
2860 lbs / 3080 lbs
  • All specifications, dimensions and design characlerisics shown in this table are subject to change without prior notice.