Safety limit switch

Safety cover

Safety limit switch

Triple anti-kickback fingers

  • Triple anti-kickback fingers provide maximum operator safety.

Variable feed speed device

  • The device provide wide range of chain feed speed. This permits the machine to cut all types of wood material, soft, or hard.

Automatic lubricator

  • The automatic lubricatior provides the correct amount of oil to lubricate the track slideways, ensuring smooth chain motions at all times.

Percision saw arbor assembly

  • The saw arbor assembly is percision and ruggedly constructed to ensure precision cutting and no vibration.
  • Pressure roller and saw arbor assembly are conveniently raised and lowered by separate handwheel.
  • Additional roller help you to work with short piece


Max. working thickness 3-1/4"
Sawblade diameter 7-7/8" ~ 11-7/8"
Main motor 15HP/3PH/220V
Feed motor 1HP
Saw arbor speed 4200 RPM
Distance from blade to arm 15-3/4"
Table surface area (Cast iron table) 51-1/2" X 30-5/8"
Table height 32-1/4"
Feed speed 49 / 65 / 82 (ft/min)
Saw arbor diameter 1"
Dust exhaust outlet diameter 4"
Width of chain block 5"
Machine dimensions 55" X 40" X 52-5/8"
Packing size

59" X 43" X 59"

Net weight 1982 lbs
Gross weight 2312 lbs