Automatic Programable

Cut-Off Saw S-450 & S-600



  • Employs an advanced serbvo control system. The machine performs defective part cutting and fixed size cuting for meeting various cutting requirement.
  • Fast processing speed. High stability and cutting accuracy to +/- 1mm, solving tough cutting problems.
  • Ideal for finger jointing material and mass material preparation.
  • Minimum size of stock: 300 X 30 X 10mm
  • Automatic trimming of head piece. ( Not available in marking lines cutting mode )
  • AUTOMATIC POSITION SYSTEM The fast moving pusher reaches a maximum distance of 60m/min with perfect position.
  • Optional Equipment: AUTO TRACER
    A fluorescent pen is used to mark off unwanted marks on the material which is later cut off with the aid of sensor.
SK - 450AC
Saw spindle speed
3600 RPM
Circular saw diameter
450mm , 600mm ( 18" , 24" )X 3.4mm X 1" X 120T
Saw motor
7.5kw (10 HP)
Feeding speed
1.5m -58.8m (50 - 196 ft) /min
Height of bed
890mm (35 inch)
Air pressure
5kgs - 7kgs (11 - 15.4 lbs) / 80cm^2
Feeding Table 3M ~ 7.5M ( optional )