The SK-70RM is designed for shaping of round poles in woodworking factory.
The 4-stage speed feeding of square work-piece into cutting position by means of deed rollers may continuously push or shaped round poles in full automatic. The cutting head has been proven flawless through experience and study of many years.
The unit cuts our perfectly round rood or stick, such as flag pole, rattan, acrylic molded board, carbon, bakelite, bamboo, and wood. A handwheel is provided to adjust simply the feed rollers.
Wood fragments and dust are cleared off from the unit thoughly in coherence
  • Cutting of each type and size of workpiece may be carried out by specific cutter head and rollers for finished products.
  • Automatic feeding.
  • One piece casted iron base.
  • Maximum workpiece 2-3/8" diameter.
  • High-efficiency TEFC motor.


Motor of main spindle 3.75kW(5HP), 3 Phase
Feed motor 0.75kW(1HP), 3 Phase
Cutter head speed 2900 RPM
Feed speed 6 TO 13M/min ( 20 ~ 43 FPM )
Working size 3/8" to 2-3/8"
Total knife 2
Packing size 77cm X 87cm X 135 cm( 30" X 34" X 53")
Net weight 395 kgs. ( 870 lbs )
Gross weight 509 kgs. ( 1120 lbs )
SK-70RM Video  
The SK-220SD double belt round pole sander is suitable for sanding of straight round bars or tapered round bars. It is also applicable to pool sticks sanding in full automatic. AS soon as the round bars are inserted into the machine, the works will be revolved and forwarded accordingly at a chosen speed.




Motor 3.75kW (5HP), 3 Phase
Sanding belt speed 5000 ft/min.
Sanding belt size 120mm x 185mm(5" X 73"), 2 pcs
Packing size 77 x 87 x 135cm(30" X 34" X 53")
Net weight

395kgs.( 870 lbs) )

Gross weight

508kgs.(1120 lbs)